“Some of the happiest moments of my life have happened sitting on a Tuesday evening with a tray on my lap in front of the telly. Bucket lists are too much pressure.”

If bucket lists are annoying by their very nature then a highly aspirational one is even more of a pain.

“Don’t let death talk upset your Sunday dinner and enjoy your roasties while ye may.”

I can’t say I was thrilled to see the word death in such close proximity to my mother’s name, but the message didn’t exactly put m(...)

Keith Harrington, pictured in 2011. He was found dead in a Dublin laneway in 2014. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Five years ago, Keith Harrington showed me a day in the life of a homeless person. He died three years later

“My princess T-shirt fatwa comes from a place of good intent: I played ordinary, common or garden, Lego when I was a child”

Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you. Well, wasn’t that the biggest, fattest lie they ever told you growing up?

They say sticks and stones may break bones but names will never hurt. Well that’s a big lie

I stride along in the rain, straight into middle age, thinking about the SAD therapy light you can get in Aldi

I work up a sweat in the freezing cold of Dublin and I think of the sunsets and the trip to Dinan where we rented bikes and cycled(...)

The Irish Times, as you can’t fail to have noticed, is not just a newspaper any more. On irishtimes.com we have videos, interactive features and a whole host of new digital products.

Once you discover a new podcast that you love you can binge on it in the same way certain people binge for hours, days and weeks o(...)

In the past few months I’ve been asked and have had to ask myself a lot of questions, ones I’d already answered and some new ones too.

‘Big Brother is watching us and ignoring us and hoping we’ll stop bleating on about the misogynistic Eigth Amendment’

Mahalia performs at Other Voices music festival in Dingle in Co Kerry. Now in it’s 14th year, it brings major acts and a selection of contenders to perform short sets in the tiny St James’s Church, recorded for broadcast on RTE later in the year

Other Voices is just the tonic

I’d rather be in bed. I’m going to get that as the automatic response on my email. “I’d rather be in bed,” my email will tell people unequivocally.

‘December is suddenly feeling like very hard work. Most of the time I’d rather be in bed’

All I’m saying is, now more than ever parents don’t have time to teach tidying up so I reckon the schools should take over and Kondo’s bestseller is the obvious text book

If such an event were to occur I would rename myself Minister with responsibility for Bringing Out The Best In Everyone

My family are tucking merrily into the free cheese and wine buffet and taking turns getting their picture taken in front of a sign on a table that says “Reserved for Pamela Anderson” Photograph:  Isa Foltin/Getty Images

I’m a bit nervous, which is like saying Pamela Anderson, who is also due on the show, is ‘a bit famous’

In another life I could see myself here, my head filling up with interesting facts and ideas, my admiration growing for the likes of Doyle and his ability to quote whole passages from the constitution

‘For the first time in my life I am thinking of what I lost and what I could have gained from going to college’

Tiger on Halloween Saturday  was stocked with Santas and Christmas doodahs. Even my children were perplexed and, I couldn’t help notice, a little bit irritated

In the past few days I’ve been irritated by so many things, none of them significant in the larger scheme of things

It’s not just at Halloween that we pretend to be people we are not. Here are some tips on how to do it better

Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Not fitting in is no crime but it can often feel like the darkest and most lonely of places

 Donal Skehan: “What really struck a chord with me is the importance of creating long-term positive habits and routines, which is something I had struggled with before”

A different kind of workplace leadership course has come to an end after nine months. Here’s how four fared with Be Your Best

I had decided driving was not going to be one of the things I’d win at in life.

I’m not blaming my mother (much) but my first standout memory of anyone learning to drive is the story of her crashing into the ba(...)

Countess Constance Markievicz as a captain in the Irish Citizen Army.

“Irishness” can be a challenging concept sometimes. And sometimes all the many shades of it aren’t recognised enough

Sometimes we stayed up late in my kitchen and I was able to tell him of my nerves and dread around sharing my story

Instead of good money after bad, I decide to try to throw a bit of good money after good. Good advice that is.

Thank you everyone in the last week who has taken the time to support and talk about the women in this country who for so long have been denied the right to choose and to be part of that conversation

I am sitting at my desk, bursting with gratitude for so much since I “came out” about my abortion in last week’s magazine

Photograph: Marc O'Sullivan

‘I can’t speak for anyone else. But for me. This was the right thing to do’– Róisín Ingle, in an extract from her new book, write(...)

"I am secretly delighted that instead of Electric Picnic, this weekend I will continue on a very different mission: I am finally p(...)

‘Cycling from Malin Head to Derry was always going to take more than just training, which between one thing and another – laziness(...)

At the Witnness Festival in Fairyhouse racecourse, Co Meath in 2000, ‘festival virgins spent their time sampling every delight possible’

Inflatable furniture, a poppers stand, and David Gray’s ‘Babylon’ were the hallmarks of Ireland’s biggest rock festival in the yea(...)

Marriage-equality supporters  at Dublin Castle.  Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill/The Irish Times

We stood connected, hearts brimming with gratitude, under blue skies and warm sun

 Storm Uechtritz  in  Dublin.  “Sometimes in life it really helps to take a step back and try to understand that there are always two sides to a story.”  Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish TimesTimes

The Australian TV producer on her upbringing in Papua New Guinea and not wanting to be ‘a kept woman’

Joanna Lumley: a big fan of Astral moisturiser. Photograph: Rob Harrison/Getty Images

Plus: great eye make-up remover, skincare, and hair and scalp products

Don McLean in Dublin recently. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Life. Death. Tears. His struggles with fame. The state of the US. Why he sold the lyrics to American Pie . . . it was all on the (...)

 Rob Kearney: “The margins at the moment between people at high levels in sport or high levels in business are just getting smaller and smaller and smaller.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

‘You are always trying to get these little one percenters from anywhere you can’

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the film of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: The reviews say the film is less terrible than the book. That’s still pretty awful though.

Number three: Ever since The Fall I’ve been terrified of Jamie Dornan...

Daniel Philbin-Bowman, Angus Ridgway and Tal Ben-Shahar of PotentiaLife.  Photograph: Joanne O’Brien

As ‘wisdom week’ launches in the Life pages we talk to Potentialife founders Tal Ben-Shahar and Angus Ridgway, who say the key to (...)

The secret of a happy marriage is a secret. “Whenever you are wrong admit it. Whenever you are right shut up"

Róisín Ingle’s favourite work lunch, Lebanese tabbouleh (with some sweet chilli sauce if you’re feeling bold)

Róisín Ingle, daily features editor and columnist

Emily O’Reilly pictured in her office during her last week as Ombudsman last year.  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / THE IRISH TIMES

European Ombudsman speaks of balance between work and family life

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