British energy minister Matthew Hancock. The legislation before the Commons seeks to maximise ‘the economic recovery’ of the UK’s energy resources, including shale gas. Photograph: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Fracking incompatible with climate targets, says environmental audit committee

Rabbi Miriam Berger, London: “We spend a huge part of the synagogue’s budget on security. That’s ludicrous. We do what every Jewish organisation does. Nobody is going to be the one to say, ‘No, we shouldn’t do that’.”

Home secretary Theresa May’s speech amplified sense of threat, says Rabbi Miriam Berger

Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson has said Northern Irish MPs are “of equal status to MPs elected in any other part of the United Kingdom... After this election, there is a real possibility that Northern Ireland MPs could have a crucial role in the formation of the next United Kingdom government.” Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Excluding largest party in Northern Ireland ‘not acceptable’, says Peter Robinson

British prime minister David Cameron speaking in Scotland last night. He said it was “a great day for Scotland and a great day for the United Kingdom”. Photograph: James Glossop/PA Wire

Scotland to get new powers next year on income tax, borrowing and welfare rules

British prime minister David Cameron and German chancellor Angela Merkel view a 1953 Volkswagen, during their visit to the British Museum to attend “Germany: Memories of a Nation”. Photograph: EPA

Major exhibition about Germany challenges British assumptions

Close-up of cells with coeliac disease: the increase in cases  is largely, but not entirely, put down to better testing and greater knowledge of coeliac disease. Photograph: Getty Images

Children from less well-off backgrounds only half as likely to be diagnosed, study finds

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon: said blocking the privatisation of services in England would help to protect Scotland’s own independent National Health Service. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Scottish first minister says blocking privatisation of England’s NHS will benefit Scotland

File prepared in 1980 for then prime minister Margaret Thatcher

London high court ruling finds European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) breached

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