Wash and dine


Sir, – The review by Rachel Collins (Magazine, July 27th) of the restaurant Dublin City Food, was very positive, giving it 8/10.

“Good food, great service”; the only negative seems to be no wheelchair access. I was surprised to see it had a “single bathroom on the top floor”. If a customer arrives carrying a full change of clothing, should they have a bath before, during or after their meal?

I recall circa 1980 that developers of a new cafe/restaurant in central Dublin, if they had accepted the hygiene/toilet requirements of city officials, would have had to devote at least 50 per cent of their floor space to toilets and wash-hand basins. This silliness was changed on appeal, allowing the business to operate. But even they did not require a bathroom.

I’m aware the word bathroom is sometimes used very differently in some other far-off places, but this is a restaurant in Ireland. Many restaurant operators in Ireland, most struggling with large overheads, will be worried that a bathroom might become a requirement for all. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 9.