Time to listen to turbine protesters


Sir, – In Turkey thousands of people have been protesting because a government decided to turn a peaceful park into a shopping centre without taking heed of people’s concerns. This Friday lunchtime hundreds of people will be protesting outside Dublin Castle because our Government has not understood the devastating impact that wind turbines are having on local communities in Ireland.

People are concerned about the noise and visual pollution from wind turbines, and they are wondering if they will ever be able to sell their family home once turbines are erected nearby. Several Irish families have already spoken out publicly about the negative impact living beside a wind farm has had on their quality of life and mental health.

It is a sad reflection on our senior politicians that they appear to be more comfortable being photographed in the company of wind energy developers than talking to people negatively impacted by wind farms. Lets hope they respond differently to Friday’s protest than the cold shoulder given by the Turkish government to its unfortunate citizens. – Yours, etc,




Co Roscommon.