Time to change the Border?


A chara, – Duncan Morrow admitted the truth about the peace process that not many people want to admit (Opinion, May 3rd). The peace process has not solved anything. It has merely put a lid on top of things. The rioting and protests about the British flag being removed from Belfast City Hall prove deep tensions remain and are likely to worsen unless real change occurs.

The reason there was conflict in the northern statelet and why there is likely to be in the future is because far too many people were included in a jurisdiction they never wanted to be part of. The obvious solution would be to change the Border so that it more accurately reflects the wishes of the people living near it. Irish and British governments have baulked at this since the 1920s.

Things are going to get very interesting in the next few years with the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014 and the Easter Rising commemorations in 2016. It is likely unionists will feel very uncomfortable at these times and this could easily spill over into violence.

Nationalist political leaders should look beyond the Belfast Agreement and promote the idea of changing the border as a better solution to solving the problems of division in the North. – Is mise,


Rue William Turner,

Bonnevoie, Luxembourg.