Time for doctors’ hours to change


A chara, – I agree fully with the comments made (Dr Austin O’Carroll et al, April 3rd) but would add a couple of my own. 1. Are these doctors insured when they are working illegally? This is vital as according to these 30-plus doctors some 36 per cent more medical mistakes are being made as well as 5.6 times more diagnostic errors. 2. In a previous article it was stated that the junior doctors are contracted to work 39 hours, yet they average 68 hours, ie, almost 75 per cent more hours. Why not have almost 75 per cent more junior doctors? 3. Can the junior doctors not give a collective notice, say six or 12 months to the HSE that they will not work more than the legal number of hours? – Is mise,


Kill Abbey,

Deansgrange, Blackrock,

Co Dublin.