The troika’s unfinished business


Sir, – Stephen Collins (Opinion, November 16th) reports that the Legal Services Bill, “instigated at the behest of the troika . . . to cut exorbitant legal costs”) has been stuck at committee stage for more than 18 months.

He wonders what “powerful forces” might be at work and whether these could succeed in eventually having the Bill “neutered”.

Could someone in the Government be called to account for this, in these pages, this week? Or if silence reigns, do we really need to call the troika back, to babysit again because our Oireachtas hasn’t the teeth (or the will?) to follow through on these much-needed changes. – Yours, etc,


Dalkey Avenue,

Dalkey, Co Dublin.

Sir, – So, the Troika are exiting the stage and leaving us to our own devices. Are we now going to go back to the bad old days in Irish politics? Is the Government now give us “easier” budgets in advance of the European elections and, perhaps, the next general election which could be held in 2015?

After each troika review of our economy during the bailout they expressed much concern over our lack of action in relation to enormously high salaries in our health system, the legal profession and banking/financial services.

It is patently obvious little or nothing has been done to address these issues and, unfortunately, it is also obvious that the Government does not have the will or the inclination to do anything.The so-called elite, or golden circle, appears to be still alive and well. The politicians, lawyers, accountants and medical profession are intent on looking after each other and “to hell” with the rest of us.

The obvious result of this inaction is that the vast majority of the austerity burden has been borne by the ordinary citizen. Will we ever learn? – Yours, etc,


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