The President speaks out


Sir, – Unfortunately President Higgins missed a good opportunity for a new discussion (Front page, May 2nd). Instead of repeating the some old mantra that we need (material) growth he could have demanded that European leaders should think about job creation without material growth. Or creating and increasing welfare without growth. We cannot grow indefinitely. Our growth now will deplete the chances of future generations. Or indeed the chances of the present generations in developing countries. Perhaps he would have achieved more if he had demanded discussions on post-growth models – especially as a poet-philosopher President. – Yours, etc,


Parkview Drive,

Tuam, Co Galway.

Sir, – I wish to express my pride and delight in our President’s recent contributions to the debate on Europe’s response to the recession; his remarks, informed by intellectual power and compassion for the ordinary people, were very welcome in this grossly materialistic world we now inhabit (Front page, May 2nd). Let us hope that other voices will join his. Maith an fear! – Yours, etc,


Woodlands Avenue,

Dún Laoghaire,

Co Dublin.

Sir, – It really warms my heart to see that at least one person who wore the Labour colours in the past has not forgotten his roots nor his commitment to social equality and is willing to vocalise these beliefs.

Keep it up Michael D. He is a breath of fresh air compared to the majority of his stagnant former party colleagues currently in Government. – Yours, etc,


The Park,

Skerries, Co Dublin.