The poverty of secularist thinking


Sir, – Congratulations to John Waters (Opinion, March 15th) for demonstrating, once again, the poverty of secularist thinking.

I have never before read a more trenchant and cogent critique of the de-absolutisation of Irish society. In pellucid prose he, quite appropriately, posits the primacy of the numinosity of experience, in all its variegated subjectivity, over the rationalist, functionalist, tendencies in Irish education.

If I interpret him correctly, resisting all temptations to populist thinking, he advances a symbiotic dialectic of the infinite, while also, and dialectically – a most difficult feat given the perils of linguistic antinomianism – proposing an infinite symbiosis of the mundane and the transcendent. I am sure that most perceptive readers will agree that the sustainability of society is crucially dependent on the success of the Waters project. – Yours, etc,


Castletown Drive,


Co Kildare.