The marching season


Sir, – Thankfully another marching season in Northern Ireland has come to an end without too much trouble. However, as usual, huge resources in time and money have been used to keep the peace and avoid injury and loss of life.

Environmental damage has undoubtedly been done with the lighting of massive bonfires, often consisting of enormous numbers of tyres. No other area in first world Europe would tolerate this massive pollution. Why should Northern Ireland?

Llike all other reasonable ethnic groups or nationalities they should be content to celebrate their heritage on one day, and in the process not encumber or disrupt others.Let them have private celebrations on private lands when they wish but public thoroughfares should not be used in this manner.

Year after year thousands of residents from the North literally escape the marching season – “marching season refugees” if you will. I welcome their presence here but wish they were not coerced into leaving their homes. – Yours, etc,


Jamestown Business Park,

Dublin 8