The challenge of our time


Sir, – The late Ned Delahunty – as portrayed in Carl O’Brien’s touching report (“Mourners pay tribute as a homeless man who ’taught us about the need for compassion’ is laid to rest”, Home News, March 14th) – seemed to possess a huge degree of nobility.

The excellent report fails to mention if there was a politician among the 150 other noble souls who attended his funeral.

Ironically Ned lived (perhaps by choice) at the opposite end of the social spectrum from that whichwas once termed “the nobility”. – Yours, etc,




Co Kerry.

Sir, – Thanks to Carl O’Brien (Home News, March 14th) for his sensitive article on the funeral of Ned Delahunty. There was one small inaccuracy, however. While Ned (known to me as John) did tell me his age when I visited him in hospital, he did not give me his birth name – this became known at a later stage.

My involvement in the last week of Ned’s life became known through a caller to a radio show saying she “heard a nun visited him” and so my small contribution received an over-focus.

I would like to commend all in the many care agencies who gave 20 years of hidden dedication to Ned. Indeed, these and all the home carers giving elderly and disability care whose stories we do not hear create a light that reaches to the heavens. – Yours, etc.,


Holy Faith Convent

The Coombe

Dublin 8.