Signs of the times


Sir, – One cannot help noticing all the new road signs that are appearing throughout Ireland. These signs are being produced and erected at a great cost to the Irish taxpayer, and one would expect that somebody would proof-read the place names prior to production.

I take as example the new signs on the N11 in Wicklow, we have new signs directing us to Kilmacanoge where the old sign has Kilmacanogue, Glencormick instead of Glencormack, and further on on the M50, Kiltiernan instead of Kilternan. These are just a few glaring errors in the space of 10 miles.

These signs are costing a small fortune to produce, monies that could have be used to keep hospital beds open, or provide special needs assistants in our classrooms. If the Government insists on allocating monies towards road signage, at least do us the courtesy of getting it right first time and avoiding the need to spend even more money producing a corrected version. – Yours, etc,



Dunbur Lower, Wicklow.