Sex attacker fined


Sir, – Having just read the article “Sex attacker to avoid jail if he pays teenage victim €15,000” I was left with a deeply disturbed feeling.

This is a very uncomfortable development in the court system. My thoughts are with the young victim at the centre of this case. What message are we sending if a judge is suggesting financial compensation for sexual attacks? This is a dangerous precedent.

Are we going to put a monetary value on sexual crimes? How much for rape? Will a younger victim “be worth” more compensation? Would any parent or spouse look at the women in their lives and come up with a financial value for their welfare? What about male victims of sexual crimes – would equal compensation structures exist?

The potential for abuse cannot be ignored either. If there is an opportunity for financial gain, what would stop false claims being put forward?

I agree with calls for sentencing reviews; and let’s avoid providing perpetrators of sexual assault with the means to avoid justice. They should pay for their crime with jail time, not cash. – Yours, etc,


Sullivan Street, Dublin 7.

Sir, – Are we entering a new era of criminal law where violent offences against the person are priced in monetary terms and thus just punishment for the offences committed may be avoided if the offender has sufficient money. (Front page, October 18th). – Yours, etc,


The Moorings,

Malahide, Co Dublin.