Rights of way and walkers


Sir, – Tourism is probably our greatest asset in trying to get our economy moving again. Walking tourism is one which has endless possibilities. Anyone who doubts the power of walking tourism should visit the north of Spain where the Camino de Santiago walking route, with massive support from locals and government bodies, has revitalised huge areas along the route.

How can we exploit this opportunity when landowners, almost invariably supported by the law, can cut off access to tracks and pathways which have been used for decades by walkers, and, before that, by local people on their way to the nearest village or to Mass. We must, as a country, make the sacred cow of private property amenable to the common good. There has never been a more urgent time.

We wait for the Government to grasp the nettle and introduce a right to roam, as has been done by many countries throughout Europe, and in many districts in the UK. Maybe we could enlist the help of the troika? – Yours, etc,



Kill Lane,

Dublin 18.