Religion in the workplace


Sir, – I note with some alarm the award of €70,000 to a born again Christian dismissed from his position for repeatedly failing to respect the rights of others to a religion-free workplace.

The equality officer in this case would, I am sure, equally find in favour of myself as an atheist had I formally complained about a colleague behaving in this manner and the management had subsequently failed to prevent his (entirely inappropriate) behaviour.

What can an employer do, caught between two such positions, when the person charged with hearing a case like this shows such a lamentable lack of common sense or judgement?

I should have thought that any equality officer worth the title would have had no difficulties in telling those of any particular creed or faith (or lack of it!) to leave it where it belongs in a modern workplace – at the door. Yours, etc,



Dublin 8

Sir,   – I’m gobsmacked by your report (“Council worker unfairly sacked over his faith”, July 22nd).  Next time I visit my council office, in the event of the official I deal with being an evangelical Christian, a scientologist or a salafist,  am I obliged to put up with advocacy, or even proselytising, as part of the transaction?  Even though I only want a parking permit?   Ye Gods!   – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin