Referendum on children's rights


Sir, – The referendum on children’s rights and demands is a huge confidence trick on voters, a massive assault on the rights of both children and parents and on the well-being of the family.

It suits the Government that virtually no debate about the issues is taking place on national and local radio and on TV.

The best hope of getting the amendment through is to keep voters ignorant of what it actually contains.

But the failure of presenters like Miriam O’Callaghan, Pat Kenny, Vincent Browne and a host of others to tackle the issues is deeply disturbing.

They, with the print journalists, are like a shoal of dead fish, simply going with the flow.

It is time that they started to really examine the wording and to ask of the Yes side the tough questions that need to be asked before it is too late. – Yours, etc,


Alive!, St Mary’s Priory,

Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Sir, – In previous referendums when the Irish public voted No we were asked to reconsider and vote again. For the upcoming children’s rights referendum, if we vote “the wrong way” will we instead be sent to the naughty step to think about what we did wrong? – Yours, etc,


Prosperous, Co Kildare.