Power of positive thinking


Sir, – In the midst of all the negative talk of recession, stroke politics and well-cushioned former ministers reminding us how generous they are with their “charitable” contributions, what a pleasure to read Brenda Maguire’s wonderful letter (October 2nd) about living with motor neuron disease. If only everyone could have that optimistic outlook and remember that life is indeed for living. I wish Brenda, her family and carers continued success and a sincere thank you for brightening up this reader’s day. – Yours, etc,




Co Meath.

Sir, – Brenda Maguire’s excellent letter (October 2nd) highlights the extraordinarily cynical attitude of the HSE in refusing medical cards to people who suffer from motor neuron disease. While, for some people, it is sadly a “short-term disease”, would it not ease some of the worry for all sufferers to know that they and their families will not have the added burden of medical bills for whatever time – long or short – that is left to them? – Yours, etc,


Burnaby Woods,


Co Wicklow.