Penalty points: what penalty?


Sir, – The Ming Flanagan saga, inevitably, raises several questions. However, once this lusty campaign of character assassination of Ming Flanagan is over would it not make sense for the powerful media to launch an all-out campaign to rid TDs of such illogical driving privileges as the one he has profited from?

Fact: It is universally considered dangerous to use a mobile phone while driving. Breaking the law that forbids this offence in Ireland (introduced, of course, by the Oireachtas) incurs penalty points.

When TDs use mobile phones while driving this practice endangers other road users in an equal way. The law is surely equal for all in a democracy.

We know from past reports that there are other motoring offences, including speeding and drink-driving, that TDs (Senators also?) are entitled to exempt themselves from. Being “on Dáil business”, evidently, is an automatic passport to privileged safer driver status!

Will the Ming Flanagan saga eventually turn out to be a penalty or an own goal for TDs? – Yours, etc,


Sunday’s Well Road,