Paying the household tax


Sir, – This month I succumbed to the Government’s tactic of fear and non-information and registered for the household charge. Despite promises (fool as I was to believe a politician), I, like many others, received no flyer or information booklet regarding the registration process for this tax. The only information I received was via radio ads and discussion programmes.

It must be said, I did not receive any literature from the Campaign Against Household Water Taxes (CAHWT) either or the so-called Opposition parties. Perhaps Deputy Ó Snodaigh’s constituents got them all?

So, rather than facing penalties, late fees, etc, and not being in a position to pay the full fee upfront, I gave in and registered on the deadline for the direct debit option. Advertised as a simple €25 fee each quarter, I viewed it as the only way I could afford to pay this new banker’s bailout tax.

However, once my registration and payment details were accepted, I was presented with the schedule of payments screen. Lo and behold, the dates are in March, May, July and September. Instead of it being one payment every three months, it is the full four direct debits over six months!

While it is hard to criticise Fine Gael for managing as best they can the mess bequeathed to them by their terminally ill predecessors, our patience is close to being exhausted. But worry not, Mr Kenny, we are a subservient lot and will moan and groan on various forums but ultimately we won’t do anything. Look at history. It took us 800 years to rid the 26 counties of the British! – Yours, etc,




Co Meath.