Pain of emigration and immigration


Sir, – Emigration, coercive economic migration, is a terrible reality across the globe. Bishop John Kirby (Home News, January 24th) rightly takes Minister for Finance Michael Noonan to task for his remarks. The pain of leaving home and loved ones, the uncertainly of the migration experience, the complex and often hostile immigration systems that people encounter leaves many Irish emigrants at risk of becoming undocumented in their destination countries.

Bishop Ray Field (Rite Reason, January 3rd) highlights the plight of undocumented people living in Ireland. These people had to leave their countries, many for economic reasons. And yet they experience the same stress, anxiety and discomfort of the unfamiliar as other emigrants who have to leave their countries. The tragedy for many is the glaring lack of choice in their situation. We should remember that every emigrant is an immigrant outside their country. – Yours, etc,



Migrant Rights Centre Ireland,

Parnell Square West,

Dublin 1.