Ordination of deacons


Sir, – The historic ordination of six deacons in Sligo (Home News, December 10th) must have been a joyous occasion for those families. However, it did not bring any Christmas joy to Catholic people worldwide who are experiencing eucharistic famine since those deacons cannot celebrate Mass.

It was so depressing to see an all-male sanctuary in your photograph. There was not a single Mary among the holy gentlemen to help bring Jesus to birth or the risen Christ present among people surrounded by much darkness.

Faithful Catholics concerned about the artificial shortage of priests have a right under canon law to manifest to their pastors their good sense and concerns in regard to the eucharistic famine now spreading in Ireland. We must tell our bishops and the papal nuncio that as parents we are not prepared to encourage our sons to submit to the abuse that is mandatory celibacy.

Furthermore, we must tell them that there is no shortage of good people in every parish-women/men/single/ married who are ready to be called forth to priestly ministry and leadership by the people of God.

It is way past time to end the artificial restrictions on ministry and denial of eucharist. It is way past time to stop the dog in manger antics and to open up the riches of Good News and eucharist for all human beings. – Yours, etc,


Sycamore Drive,


Dublin 16.