On your bike – with a number plate?


Sir, – I do not consider Zara Brady’s suggestion of registration plates for cyclists to be useful or effective (April 10th). I am both a motorist and a cyclist and do not condone cyclists’ poor road behaviour.

I consistently watch many motorists break traffic lights, drive in cycle lanes, use mobile phones while driving, and overtake other cars in bus and cycle lanes on the inside, while generally speeding. Motorists also frequently park in cycle lanes.

The Garda Síochána clearly does not have sufficient resources to police motorists and cyclists and plates would only add to the cost for everyone.

There are three groups that need to attend to better cycling: The cyclists themselves need to pay more attention to road rules; motorists need to make allowance for cyclists who have difficulties due to the state of the roads; and local authorities need to improve the quality of cycle lanes, many of which are in a very poor condition.

Introducing plates for cyclists, I believe, will not make for improvements; education and road repairs will. – Yours, etc,


Booterstown Avenue,

Booterstown, Co Dublin.