On the right road to postcodes?


Sir, – In Harry McGee’s interview with Pat Rabbitte (News Agenda, January 4th) the issue of postcodes was touched upon, yet again, with another Minister for Communications! Why is Ireland still the only nation in the EU without a postcode system? There was a ComReg consultation on this opportunity back in 2003, and 10 years later, after various Ministers promised “postcodes are on the way”, we still don’t have such a system in Ireland. Postcodes do not just aid in the task of sorting and delivering letters and parcels for An Post and the various private postal agencies, they also benefit the emergency services, satellite navigation, home deliveries, taxis, and online goods ordering (where the input of a post code can often be a mandatory field to complete online), to name but a few uses.

While I respect the various politicians and public servants who have worked hard to make postcodes a reality, can 2013 finally be the year that we get a house-specific (not just road-specific) postcode? – Yours, etc,




Dublin 16.