O’Reilly criticises ‘warehouse’ elderly care


Sir, – As an owner/operator of one of the country’s largest nursing homes, I take offence at the unfair comments regarding “warehousing” which were made by the Ombudsman(Home News, March 8th).

Maybe you could ask the Ombudsman the following questions. Why are residents of private nursing homes discriminated against in their access to services such as speech and language therapy compared to those in public facilities? Why do residents in private nursing homes in Cork have to pay for the specialised dressings that they need when residents in other parts of the country do not? Why does the State continue to pay twice the price for the same beds in the public sector as the private sector, when we are all inspected against the same standards and regulations by Hiqa? Why is the State looking to reduce the prices paid in the private sector when the only thing this will do will be to drive down the quality of care that is now being provided? Maybe Emily O’Reilly should focus her attention on some real issues and not look to provide mere soundbites. – Yours, etc,


Registered Provider,

Bridhaven Nursing Home,

Spa Glen,


Co Cork.