Nor any drop to drink


Sir, – Paul Murphy (April 2nd) implies a criticism of Dublin City Council paid officials for the current water supply difficulties in the city.

It would appear to me that the problem we have been experiencing in Dublin for years now is due to demand for treated water sometimes exceeding the supply available, with supply and demand being too finely balanced. If every household in the city was already metered and paying for their water, the demand would be reduced significantly, and taps would not be left running when freezing conditions are forecast. The only way to increase supply is to invest more in water treatment infrastructure.

The blame for this situation must therefore rest with those responsible for investment and policy decisions taken many years ago at central government level, ie, politicians who are now enjoying their generous pensions. It is not reasonable to point the finger at council officials who, I have no doubt, are doing their best with the resources available to them, and are facing yet another pay cut. – Yours, etc,


Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9.