No room for a long goodbye


Sir, – Last Wednesday we experienced an unpleasant experience at Dublin Airport. We drove our daughter to the airport; she usually gets the Aer Coach, but as we will not see her again for nine months we decided to do the trip in style and say our farewells in the terminal. She was departing from Terminal 2.

After much lane-hopping (the signs are a disaster) we arrived at the Terminal 2 carpark only to be told it was full and that we would have to exit the airport and re-enter to park in the Terminal 1 short-term car park. We could see that the Terminal 2 car park was far from full, with plenty of empty spaces. While we were waiting at traffic lights to re-enter the airport our daughter said to just drop her at the departures area as time was marching on and it is a long walk from T1 to T2.

So that is what we did; and in the country that cannot offer an MA honours graduate a “proper” job we were also denied the common courtesy of the “long goodbye”. We drove home in silence. – Yours, etc,


Corbawn Wood,


Co Dublin.