Losing rural small schools


A chara, – The recent change in pupil/teacher for small schools (which would result in the forced closure of most of them within a decade) is puzzling.

With the demise of the rural pub, the contraction of the Catholic Church and the ravages of emigration, the rural school now represents the last vestige of “community”. To deliberately pursue a policy for the destruction of same would appear to be contrary to what all other governments across Europe are doing, in their efforts to regenerate and support rural areas.

It is my belief that these small rural schools tend to produce rounded citizens with a strong sense of place, pride, identity and community; the type of citizens who will create a future of social cohesion, civil responsibility, volunteerism and morality.

Exactly what this country needs? – Is mise, etc,


Lough Guitane,

Killarney, Co Kerry.