Labour pains


Sir, – Reading today’s (April 8th) Irish Times , while it is clear that our Tánaiste is not ubiquitous neither is he elusive!

“Gilmore says no water charges next January” (Front page); “Restoring Republic’s finances and driving recovery core Labour policy, says Gilmore” (page 7) ; “Tax havens are international issue, says Gilmore” (front page Business & Innovation supplement); and “Gilmore holds off Lynch’s challenge” (Sports supplement page 7).

But then I noticed the sport reference is in fact a sailing report abour a Robbie Gilmore’s victory at the ISA Youth National Championships. Perhaps Eamon Gilmore may yet come to envy his namesake’s smooth sailing? – Yours, etc,


Convent View,

Strawberry Hill,


Sir, – The departure of Nessa Childers, MEP, from the Parliamentary Labour Party is to be welcomed. For some time now she has agonised about her future, following earlier involvement with the Green Party.

She should now do the really honourable thing and resign her MEP seat. After all, this seat was given to her by Labour Party votes and it is the seat of those voters, and not hers, until the next election. – Yours, etc,


Mount Fair, Tallow, Co Waterford.

Sir, – Noel Whelan (Opinion, April 6th) is probably correct when he asserts that the resignation of Nessa Childers came as a relief to the Labour Party leadership, which shows just how far the party has drifted, or has been led from its founding principles.

In the centenary year of the Lockout, it is scarcely credible that Labour ministers are issuing threats to working people in language reminiscent of the employers of 1913. Interfering in a democratic ballot about the Croke Park II proposal is the least of their offences.

Labour ministers are overseeing the exploitation of working people to satisfy capitalists, bankers and speculators. Now what does that remind you of? Is it too much to hope that we will be spared the nauseating prospect of a Labour-sponsored 1913 commemoration invoking Larkin and Connolly? They wouldn’t be so crass, would they? – Yours, etc,


Suncroft, The Curragh, Co Kildare.