How safe to walk on pavements?


Sir, – Perhaps it will be of small consolation to Tim Bracken (June 26th) to know that the danger he faces regarding cyclists on pavements is not confined to Cork.

Where I live in Dublin I have similar experiences on a daily basis. Recently a pregnant woman had a narrow escape when a cyclist overtook her from behind at speed. When I told a Garda he said his colleagues wanted the Garda Commissioner to seek legislation that all bikes must display a registration number in order that offenders could be brought to account. However, as the city council in its wisdom did not see fit adopt such a measure regarding the Dublin Bike scheme, I’m not holding my breath.

I have noticed when such cyclists think I’m photographing them they seem worried. Perhaps I should set up a website displaying their unlawful behaviour. However, as that might be illegal I would, no doubt, be brought to account. – Yours, etc,


Shanid Road,

Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6W.