Highs and lows of Euro 2012


Sir, – Football could not get any more difficult. The world champions, Spain, may well be depending on goal difference to qualify for the next round. Italy, who were the previous champions and winners of four world cups, may be in the same boat.

Trapattoni and Fortress Ireland stand in their way. What a challenge! If they pull this one off we should reinstate the monarchy, go down on bended knees and hail King Giovanni the first. – Yours, etc,


Grange Park Road,


Dublin 5.

Sir, – It was a duff performance, and although the players were keen, the Euros are dunne, and that’s a given. – Yours, etc,


Vernon Avenue,

Clontarf, Dublin 3.

Sir, –  I am writing regarding the description of the fans’ campsite (Home News, June 11th). Frank McNally writes “. . . the village was starting to look like the old Warsaw Ghetto”.

While this may seem entirely appropriate or fitting to the location and description of the event in question, I believe I am solemnly obliged to bring to your attention the fact that this is definitely not the case. Comparing the war-time Warsaw’s Jewish Ghetto and any of its aspects to a sporting event gone slightly awry is at best distasteful, and at worst offensive, to those which can relate to that terrible time in the world’s history. Many of which, might I add, are avid Irish Times readers. – Yours, etc,



Ballintemple, Cork.

Frank McNally writes: The comparison with the Warsaw Ghetto was incorrect and inappropriate.