Fate of the Poolbeg chimneys


Sir, – Yes, we should preserve the Poolbeg towers. But if we do so, we should also preserve the other historic locations of the area and ask why they have been allowed to become ruins.

What has become of the brooding Titanic-like structure of the iconic, original Pigeon House power station with its seven chimneys? Why have the walls of the 19th-century Pigeon House Fort, whose battlements are clearly in place (and were walkable until about five years ago), been allowed to become overgrown, unidentifiable and impassable? The token cannons placed at the gates are a pathetic, forlorn gesture.

Preserve this unique urban space, but not just the towers. – Yours, etc,


Foster Avenue,

Mount Merrion, Co Dublin.

Sir, – How about a crematorium? It would remind Dubliners of their mortality. – Yours, etc,


Caldra House,


Co Leitrim.