Fate of the Poolbeg chimneys


Sir, – I grew up gazing at the Pigeon House across Dublin Bay, and it is an indelible part of the Dublin skyline of my memory. I am saddened by the thought that the Poolbeg chimneys might be demolished. Non-Dubliners may wonder why anyone would miss two disused and rather ugly power station chimneys.

For many emigrants, the chimneys were the last thing we looked at as the plane took us away, and the first thing that we looked for on our infrequent return visits. Eyesores or not, they’re an emblem of home. – Yours, etc,


Wellington Street,

Eganville, Ontario.

Sir, – Further to Frank McDonald’s “Odd couple have become markers of our capital city” (July 12th), what would Frank’s opinion be if the ESB proposed to put up two more towers at Poolbeg? – Yours, etc,


The Village Inn,

Main Street,


Co Meath.

Sir, – I read with interest the resurrection of the debate over the demolition of the Poolbeg chimneys. I propose that these twin redundant structures be replaced with one large wind turbine.

This would make a bold visual statement to both visitors and citizens at the gateway to Dublin. It would be a symbol of a modern, dynamic and sustainable economy, rather than a constant reminder of our historic and continued reliance on fossil fuels to provide power for our homes and workplaces.

Those who lament the passing of the chimneys because they “have always been there” and after a few decades “have become part of the landscape”, could now rejoice in a new wind turbine which would serve a useful function and would generate enough electricity to power about 4,000 homes in nearby Ringsend, Sandymount or Clontarf. – Yours, etc,


Chartered Engineer,



Dublin 15 .

Sir, – On behalf of all Dublin golfers, I am starting a “Save Our Chimneys” campaign, since these iconic structures have been a lot more than just “a reassuring presence” (Christian Morris, July 12th), they are an indispensable distant target to aim at on many of the Dublin golf courses. And, for the very low handicappers, “Do you mean the left or the right chimney?” Please retain the chimneys, or at least relocate the Spire so that we have something tangible to aim at. – Yours, etc,


Coundon Court,

Killiney,Co Dublin.

Sir, – Why are we ignoring alternative uses for these structures?

Here are a few. Put windmills on them. Use them for the incinerator, if we ever build one. Put in lifts and platforms like the Toronto or Seattle towers and have viewing platforms, rotating restaurants and bungee jumping from a platform between them. – Yours, etc,


Birchfield Park,


Dublin 14.