EU oil embargo on Iran


Sir, – I would like to express my strong protest against the EU oil embargo on Iran, and in particular Ireland’s acquiescence to it (World News, January 24th).

The Western media have conditioned us to believe that Iran is a menace, whereas the opposite is the case, because Iran has not invaded another country in the past few hundred years, which is in stark contrast with the major belligerents for war – the US, the UK and Israel.

We have already had one unnecessary pre-emptive war against Iraq, which never had weapons of mass destruction.  We cannot have another pre-emptive war because the Western powers “believe” Iran to be developing nuclear weapons. Having examined the evidence, the former UN inspector Hans Blix believes that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons.   Pre-emptive wars for alleged good reasons are morally wrong as well as stupid.

We have been fooled once on Iraq. We cannot allow ourselves to be fooled twice. – Yours, etc,


Rosetta Park,