Entertaining the Obamas


Sir, – Instead of getting a week of blanket coverage of the Obamas’ visit to the G8 and the island of Ireland, the Irish people would be better served by one hour or page a week discussing Irish support for US foreign policy.

US troops and aircraft continue to transit through Shannon Airport, and yet we don’t have any discussion about Ireland’s support for US military and CIA operations around the globe. This support breaches Irish neutrality, it has implicated us in hundreds of thousands of deaths, it ignores international law, and it makes a mockery of our proud record of peacekeeping and respect for human rights. – Yours, etc,




Co Limerick.

A chara, – Clare Daly’s attack on the Obamas was way over the top and inappropriate (Home News, June 20th). Ireland has always had a strong welcome for visitors, of which we are proud. That does not mean that we agree with everything that they do, nor should we be afraid to voice our concerns. However, we should always be hospitable and courteous and in that regard, Deputy Daly’s choice of language was wrong.

She also had an objection to Michelle Obama going to Dalkey to have “lunch with Mr Tax Exile himself”. I presume Deputy Daly, given her concerns, wouldn’t have lunch or any contact then with fellow Independent, Mick Wallace, given his tax difficulties. – Is mise,


The Chase,

Gorey, Co Wexford.

Sir, – Clare Daly’s accusation of slobbering over the Obamas is countered by Miriam Lord’s report that they “poured” over historical documents in Trinity College (Front page, June 18th). Where will this tit-for-tat end?


Haddington Park,

Glenageary, Co Dublin.

A chara, – I note the Obama family visit here will cost the taxpayer between €3m and €4m in security costs alone (Home News, June 10th). Meanwhile we read elsewhere in your newspaper that support hours for children with special needs are being reduced by 10 per cent due to an increase in demand – a dreadful state of affairs and a situation which worsens every year.

So what does Taoiseach Enda Kenny get visibly upset and annoyed about in the Dáil? He gets upset because a TD dares to take him and his sycophantic, grovelling, forelock-tugging pals to task for their attitude to the Obama family’s private visit here. That says it all, really. – Is mise,


Whitehall Road,

Dublin 14.