Engaging with right-wing parties


A chara, – David Kitching (December 18th) is laudably accurate in all respects save one.

I wholeheartedly share Mr Kitching’s contention that mainstream parties must “engage honestly with their citizens” on contentious issues such as immigration. However, when he refers to Europe’s increasingly successful populist right-wing parties as “harbingers of undemocratic chaos,” he inadvertently hands them an electoral advantage. Such political movements thrive on the ineloquent disdain of the political establishment.

Whatever negative opinions we may espouse vis-a-vis lazy populists, we must not patronise them so, for in most cases they have been fairly elected, and as such must at the very least be respected as valid components of the democratic superstructure. – Is mise,


Oileán Chliara,

Co Mhaigh Eo.