Drifting away from the Catholic church


Sir, – Archbishop Diarmuid Martin’s article (Rite & Reason, April 2nd) was very interesting, but, maybe I missed something.

I don’t think I heard very much condemnation of the captains of free enterprise and their methods which brought us “to where we are” from the church, or even any church.

While the church/es may have been correct in condemnation of much of the permissiveness that prevails, I don’t think fornication or adultery were ever instrumental in achieving 14 per cent unemployment, and the attendant pain and misery to such a great scale.

Another issue that might be included in the Pope’s review. – Yours, etc,


Fortmary Park, Limerick.

Sir, – In his speech at the recent Tine Catholic Leaders’ Network conference Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is quoted as follows: “We would be foolish not to recognise that among many young Irish people the process of distancing themselves from the faith begins very quickly after they leave school or even while they are at school” (Rite & Reason, April 2nd). Is this not disingenuous given the extent to which the hierarchy has distanced itself from the faith when convenient?

The hierarchy needs to present an unequivocal example of Christian faith in action if it wants to keep the younger members of the church. Retaining at its head in Ireland a man like Cardinal Brady, who singularly failed members of its young flock was not a good place to start. – Yours, etc,


Ballyraine Park,

Letterkenny, Co Donegal.

Sir, – Archbishop Diarmuid Martin (Rite & Reason, April 2nd) gives us the gist of yet another of the hundreds of similar statements that he has issued since he came back to us nearly10 years ago.

He is exercised by the Sunday Mass non-attendance that has accelerated to close to 90 per cent – as in Buenos Aires during the tenure of the archbishop who is now Pope Francis. Like the pope, and bishops everywhere, he has yet to see that this acceleration is much due to what his addresses, and those of his clergy, have failed and continue to fail to say.

He has yet to list the risks (if any) that the absentees run by not attending Sunday Mass. His not doing so confirms for them that there aren’t any risks, nor would there be for the remaining 10 per cent if they joined them. – Yours, etc,


Sandford Road,

Ranelagh, Dublin 6.