Cuts to private schools


Sir, – The discussion regarding the Government’s possible decision to cut the level of subvention to private schools (Home News, October 10th) is one I find both frustrating and a depressing reflection of an Ireland I find difficult to understand and live in.

I have two children at fee-paying schools. It was a conscious decision to send them there in an attempt to give my children opportunities I didn’t have. From a very staunch working-class background my father and mother worked tirelessly during the 1960s and 1970s to give all of my siblings opportunities they didn’t have. They dedicated their lives to us. I was lucky and went to university and through luck, fortune and hard work, I have achieved limited success but certainly no fortune.

My wish is to give my children opportunities I did not have, as was my parents’ wish. What is wrong with that? My political vision is and has always been the old fashioned “left of centre” with a social system which allows all in society the opportunity to move forward. How dare Labour call me elitist? How dare Labour call me wealthy? I am neither. I simply want to give my children opportunities I never had. I struggle to pay their fees, but I am very proud of the young men they are becoming.

Sadly, I hope they find their future outside of this debt ridden, increasingly depressing country. As a very proud Irishman, this depresses me more than a political system that has forgotten who it represents. – Yours, etc,


St Fintan’s Road,

Sutton, Dublin 13.