Controversy over Leinster final


Madam, – I hear the referee has admitted he made a mistake, the President has no power in the matter, and the Meath County Board will be guided by the players as to whether to offer a replay to Louth. Ah yes, a truly amateur organisation. – Yours, etc,


O’Connell Avenue,


Madam, – There should be no question of a replay – Louth won by scoring more legitimate scores than Meath and the Ref admitted as much – so where’s the problem? Louth are 2010 Leinster Champions. – Yours, etc,


Avoca Road,


Co Dublin

Madam, – Forgive me if I am not quite following the logic of it all. A dubious decision is awarded against Louth in the final moments, an unfortunate but frequent occasion in sport. Subsequently a Louth contingent intimidate and assault the referee and apparently Meath players as well. Therefore, Louth should be rewarded with a replay in the name of fair play? – Yours, etc,


Bellevue Apartments,


Dublin 8.

Madam, – I was interested to observe the response by the Meath team in their show of hands – or rather, no-show of hands – concerning the much speculated replay of the Leinster final.

As a nation we howled to Fifa’s deaf ears for a replay and sneered in delight at the fall of France in South Africa. However, this week we nailed our true colours to the mast as fair-play goes.

It’s win at all costs, blame to governor never the perpetrator, and pass the buck on the moral and difficult decision.

I’ve noticed many of my friends have defected, and clearly from the TV footage, numbers are down at major games. Is anybody going to save the GAA? – Yours, etc,




Dublin 5.