Compensation for abuse survivors


Sir, – It is amazing how all the Irish media have reported the fact that the Catholic Church and its religious orders have mostly reneged on the deal agreed with Dr Michael Woods, the then minister of education, regarding compensation to victims of abuse suffered in Catholic institutions. As survivors of abuse in Protestant institutions, we are unable to understand why the Protestant churches have not been held to comparable account; when it comes to putting up property and money as compensation for victims who they are responsible for, why should Protestant victims be treated any differently?

We can understand that those Catholic religious orders that have contributed financially (even though a long way short) cannot be very happy when they realise that other religious orders have failed to come up with as much a penny of compensation, as the Protestant churches have equally failed to do.

Why should Protestant victims be treated any differently by the State, and its civil servants? Why does the Irish media not seek to get the same justice for the Protestant minority: are we not people too? – Yours, etc,



Bethany Survivors Group,

Southey Road,