Cabinet reshuffle


Sir, – The Department of Children and Youth Affairs (and the young people for whom it has vital responsibility) looks to be no more than a political football in the proverbial schoolyard. Charlie Flanagan has held that portfolio in Cabinet since May and now moves on. What message does that temporary little assignment send out? – Yours, etc,


Marley Avenue,


Dublin 16.

Sir, – It’s possible there might be people who are genuinely deluded enough to think a few new faces around the Cabinet table signals that the political class has learned the lessons of the May election results.

Such a delusion will be exposed when not one of the new appointees has the integrity to decline the pay rise that comes with their new job, even though they will happily rubber-stamp decisions by their colleagues that identify a whole range of cuts that have to be inflicted on other people. – Yours, etc,


Canary Wharf,