Buskers on Grafton Street


Sir, - I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments expressed by Máire Úna Ní­ Bheaglaoich (July 31st), “an actual busker”, regarding the deafening cacophony of noise that amplified My Way clones inflict on pedestrians on Dublin’s Grafton Street. Something should be done about these musically challenged individuals. They must, as Ms Ni Bheaglaoich writes, be deterred from “hogging prime slots all day and sidelining young traditional players”. – Yours, etc,


Beacon Hill,


Co Dublin

Sir , – Máire Úna Ní Bheaglaoich does her case as an “actual busker” much harm by denigrating others present in Grafton Street, especially “greedy beggars”. I suspect that most beggars are there out of need rather than greed unlike so many buskers, who are there presumably for the “craic”. – Yours, etc, – Brendan Butler

The Moorings,


Co Dublin.