Bus corridor in College Green


Madam, – Jim Walsh (July 30th) asks why motorcycles are not permitted to use the new College Green Bus Corridor that has been successfully introduced in Dublin City centre during the morning and evening peak traffic periods.

Regulations for the type of vehicles that can use bus corridors are not laid down by local authorities such as Dublin City Council. Rather, they are determined by legislation, in this case the Road Traffic Act, that states that public transport vehicles, taxis, emergency services vehicles, and bicycles are entitled to use bus corridors.

Therefore, Dublin City Council has no role whatsoever in determining what type of vehicle can use the College Green Bus Corridor at these times.

This is a matter for the Oireachtas and any change to the regulations will require an amendment to existing legislation. – Yours etc,


Communications manager,

Dublin City Council Transport,

Project Office,

Dublin 1