Ban on smoking at open-air concerts


Sir, – Brian Kelly (July 20th) will be pleased to know that measures to limit smoking at outdoor events are already in force here in Finland, the actions being voluntary by the organisers concerned. This I discovered on visiting folk festivals this month. At Haapavesi Folk a single corralled area was available and at Kaustinen Festival the smoker was offered no less than four areas to choose from. Smoking was forbidden at both sites where open fires were burning.

This action will no doubt have a positive effect on the enjoyment of both events by those with a clean living, non-smoking lifestyle as it will discourage the attendance by those like myself who don’t. Indeed it can set a precedent for the acceptance of such arrangements at football matches, golf courses, beaches and other such places which may be frequented by such individuals. Having solved this problem they can then turn their attention to other lifestyle activities of which they do not approve.

They came for the smokers . . . – Yours, etc,