After the referendum


Sir, – Could we now, please, please, not rehash the entire debate about the referendum? Talking about the problem is not solving the problem. Instead, it’s time to settle down into the long haul back to a more modest form of prosperity, the kind that is earned rather than borrowed. Ireland has indeed lost a part of its autonomy but the only way back is to reduce the national debt to a sustainable level. – Yours, etc,






Sir, – Catherine Power (no relation) makes a good point about workers at polling stations being already in employment (June 1st). While being in a period of unemployment before the last general election, I made efforts to seek a position as a vote counter.

An internet search threw up pages of contact information, steps one should take and job descriptions. However, not one of the sites was Irish. Further inquiries yielded the advice to contact the Dublin County Sheriff’s office, who duly told me to contact my local council offices, who told me they knew nothing on the subject! At this point I gave up.

I hope I’m wrong, but it appears to me that gaining employment in an area crucial to our democracy is reserved for the chosen few, and the process is far from democratic. – Yours etc,


Grange Manor,


Co Dublin.