Abortion protest outside school


A chara, – Nigel Bannister’s anger (June 18th) over the events at St Mary’s National School in Enfield last week, is misdirected. His anger should be directed at the management of a Catholic school which extended an invitation to a champion of abortion, rathar than  at protesters who upheld Catholic teaching on abortion.

Mr Bannister points out that it was the event’s organisers who arranged to have the Taoiseach’s visit at the children’s home-time. Clearly it was not the fault of the protesters that their opportunity to protest at the Taoiseach’s intention to legislate for abortion, coincided with home-time. That is an issue Mr Bannister should raise with school management.

While I was not at the protest myself, I am aware that the protest organiser asked that abortion pictures not be used at the school gate. However, it is not always possible to dictate to others that they not confront the public with the complete horrific truth of what abortion really is. I understand that any chanting was solely directed at An Taoiseach, stopping when the children emerged to sing their celebratory songs. Furthermore, the only commercial media (I know) to have had a reporter at the event, the Meath Topic, described the protest as appropriate and peaceful. – Is mise,


Páirc Glen Abhainn,

An Bóthar Buí,

Contae na Mí.