A French comparison


Sir, – As the holder of a British passport, but having lived between Ireland and England for the past 25 years, I have always maintained (from first-hand experience) that if I couldn’t get back to the UK for any medical treatment that I’d rather be taken to a vet in Ireland that visit a hospital.

Now I’m married, with an American wife who needs to be within an hour’s driving of acceptable medical facilities, this is just one reason for deciding to leave Ireland to live in France as our main European home. Others include day-to-day living costs (30 per cent less, with freshness and choice – horsemeat is advertised!), education, proximity to London, door-to-door on Eurostar and, er, climate. – Yours, etc.


Silverstone Marina,


Co Offaly.

Sir, – Bernard O Donnell (August 1st) is not comparing like with like. Before leaving Ireland his dog would have had its rabies shot and possibly a tick/flea treatment. The French vet would only have to give a tick/flea treatment to fulfil legal requirements, as the rabies shot would still be valid. The cost of what the French vet gave for an average size dog in my surgery would be about €19. Touché. – Yours, etc,



Boyneside Vet Clinic,

Rathmullen Road,

Drogheda, Co Louth.