A Europe at peace


Sir, – Congratulations on the editorial “A Europe at peace” (December 11th). If one could cast one’s mind back 100 years to the great European empires it would seem like a fairytale. Twenty-seven of the warring tribes of Europe bound together in the one club, on terms of equality, where the great debate is on economics and war never gets a mention.

What you referred to as “the sceptics and begrudgers” would do well to look to other regions of the planet where tribalism and religion, the two great curses with which the human race is afflicted, still hold sway.

While we do not have any right to preach to others, we must continue to set a good example. To echo Dai Woosnam (Letters, December 11th), “Hooray for the flagless flagpole”. – Yours, etc,




Co Wexford.