A direct question


Sir, – As a global worker, commuting regularly, I was delighted to see the announcement of the reintroduction of Aer Lingus direct flights between Dublin and San Francisco, among the activation of other routes, in 2014.

What did not delight me was when I heard how cabin crew in Aer Lingus are now “promising” friends and family “buddy pass” flights to San Francisco. This practice is not new, of course.

Why should I in a personal capacity, or my company, have to pay a full fare for flights to and from San Francisco when others, such as cronies of Aer Lingus staff, do not? One wonders when this shabby and outdated practice will be discontinued, or indeed, if it merits a closer look by the Revenue.

Notwithstanding, in these times, perhaps Aer Lingus could centralise its “buddy pass” perks and make flights available, on a lottery or hardship basis, to Irish immigrants who are abroad legally, so they might be able to return to see their families in the summer, or at Christmas next year. – Yours, etc,


South Circular Road,

Dublin 8.