A brush with Blackshaw


Sir, – Aidan Dunne’s well-researched article on Basil Blackshaw (Arts Ideas, January 22nd) was a gem of enlightenment on the artist’s work.

I visited the exhibition of his paintings at the RHA Dublin. It was a magnificent, mouth-watering experience. Aidan Dunne aptly sums up Blackshaw’s work when he writes: “He never goes for an overly elaborate finish, lending a great deal of what he does a beautifully tentative, sketchy quality.”

I love the last sentence, which quotes Blackshaw’s own views of assessing art: “People want to know what a painting is about, but I don’t as long as I enjoy the image – a purely visual image.” Those are my sentiments too. A wonderful article and a superb exhibition. Thank you. – Yours, etc,


Whitehall Road,

Churchtown, Dublin 14.