Letters to the Editor


Guidelines for letter writers

* THE IRISH TIMES receives a great many letters each day and it is possible to find space for only a small selection. Therefore, in fairness both to letter-writers and readers, short letters are preferred.

* When writing, please also bear in mind that letters ranging over several topics are unlikely to appear. It is generally best to make one point as concisely as possible, without preamble.

* When referring to an article, report or previous letter in THE IRISH TIMES, it is helpful to give the date of publication if possible.

* When sending emails, please do not attach files. All letters, including emails, should include the writer’s full name, postal address and telephone numbers. Letters may be edited or cut. Letter-writers may receive a subsequent telephone call from THE IRISH TIMES.

* We regret that we cannot give notice of a letter’s publication date, acknowledge unpublished letters, or discuss the merits of individual letters.

* It is our policy to represent as wide a range of views as possible within the constraints of libel, taste and space. However, we do require writers to put their names to their opinions. Therefore, we do not publish letters using pseudonyms or other formulae to conceal the writer’s identity, such as “name and address with editor”.

* Please note also that we do not print copies of letters addressed to someone else, nor do we publish verse.

* Email: lettersed@irishtimes.com (no attachments). Post: Letters to the Editor, 24-28 Tara Street, Dublin 2. Fax: 01-6758035.